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Maximize your artist wages with a text

Make more money with Dialogue Taxes by minimizing your taxes as a creative artist.
Track your expenses, mileage and deductions on the go, by text.
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Texting with Dialogue

Free up your mind for creativity

Dialogue Taxes helps busy artists organize their expenses, so they can focus on their careers.

Expenses and deductions

When you spend money on your career in the arts, snap a picture of your receipt or send a text with the amount to Dialogue. We will automatically categorize and keep track for you.

No app to download

Dialogue Taxes is built around technology we already use to communicate. Just text or use Facebook Messenger.


All data is sent and stored over a 256-bit SSL encrypted connection. We keep your financial information safe.

Everything all in one place

When you use Dialogue Taxes, you’ll get a year-end report by January 31 for you to pass off to your tax preparer.

Never miss a tax deduction

You’ll never need to dig through receipts or credit card statements ever again. Dialogue Tax tracks and organizes it for you.

Taxes as easy as texting

Filing your taxes should be easy. Soon, it will be.

Coming in 2017